This was not meant to be a dating story

I really hope to attend your seminars one day and look forward to what you have to offer women outside the UK. Have a great and hope this year will be the year I find that special person. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I wonder if that was the same Brazilian guy that recently broke it off with me by telling me that he was going to go still search for his dream girl and he wished me the best in me finding my dream guy? I actually find that I do a lot of this, but am too shy and get overwhelmed easily. I panic, just like the journalist said, when things are going good.

It hits me and overwhelms me, so I panic. I am a very confident women in my career and in my self image but originally the idea of approaching men now that I was single was a scary idea. I had found that most of my fears were based on misconceptions about dating and that all I needed was douse of reality from the male perspective.

I now absolutely love been my flirtatious self and I am now confident in taking to any man! Thanks again Matthew and I look forward to 24hrs from now to hear what you have going on! No money to buy your book, either. I need a lot of help. Thank you for your advice!. I was married for 8 years, got a divorced at 26, and I thought I was going to stay single for ever because of my experience, however I read your articles and saw a couples of your videos… I change my mind, I believe there there is someone for me, I just have to be prepare.

I stumbled across your website a few months ago while trying to get over a bad break-up. So, I started watching your videos. I immediately liked your style. When you start putting up standards and boundaries and really just focus on having fun and enjoying life. I would love to attend one of your seminars. Do you have any plans to come to LA? I really think he is Exactly what I always wanted in a man.

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Although he did flirt with me and gave me some signals that he was interested. Anyways, another weird thing is that my friend told me I should have made the first move and that my crush gave me many opportunities to advance things to another level. Matthew has seriously been the only man I actually trust listening to when it comes to this advice and I eat up everything he says.

I soooo wish I lived in the U. Matthew, it truely is the way you speak to us and the softness and words you choose not to mention you are VERY easy on the eyes as well ; I have applied alot and am now putting myself in those arenas to watch it unfold! Much love and many thanks, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sandra. I read some of the blog things you have done on YouTube. I first heard about Get the Guy a couple of years ago.. Would they really try to do an article trashing Get the Guy if they have previously done positive editorial on it?

The symbol invented in Australia that’s breaking down stigma on dating and social media profiles

Besides the high energy and enthusiam from the participants and the GTG team, Matt has helped me shifting my thinking on the Mysterious and Complicated World of Men! My life has started to change in only 5 weeks, putting some tips into practice: But thinking about the situation in which it would not have worked out in 7 days, for 2 things to keep in mind: Who cares about the rest?

I want to be part of the Women by the way… bring the challenges on! Thankyou for your support!

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D I want to do a lot of gym and new things this year! I am tired of singletown…. Hey N, Thankyou for putting your faith in me, I feel really grateful. I am now a much more happy person, who is not desperately looking for a man to fill the hollow of my life. I live a happy, exciting and satisfied life, and I can see how it has changed the way men look at me. I am constaly flooded by compliments and attention. All my friends are surprised at the change they see in me. Its impossible for me to go to a place and walk out without friends. Its great to go to a place and have talking to people and walk out of the place few friends richer.

So in case I have never done it so far, I want to say, Thank you so much Mathew, for all that you managed to change in my life, and my view by your book, letters, videos and lessons. I cant wait for 24 hrs. Swati, you are so lovely! I guess we all go through cynical patches at times. I think she was great for having the courage to try it in the end and see what it could do.

The Girl Without a Phone - a Snow White Story

This is an amazing story! It shows how honest and successful your work is! My confidence got much better just by watching your videos! Thank you for everything! Great to have a follower in Austria! In the meantime, keep following, more good stuff on the way! How do I get this stuff Matt?. Great to have you here! The best thing to do is sign up for the GetTheGuy newsletter. Let me know what you think! Hey Elham, We conduct one to one coaching all over the world via Skype, I can put you in touch with someone on my team to discuss if you would like?

Simply send an email to info gettheguy. We look forward to working with you! I will not only be one of those 1, women, but will also be leading the way for the group!!! I loved your video and admire that you had the integrity and gave of your time to help out the journalist, even after she confessed to you what her original intentions were! You are a true leader by your actions.

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I will be a lifelong friend and fan. And back in the day, I was completely adept at operating the way Matthew recommends. But there came a time when I had to focus on other priorities, like child-rearing and making a living, and the male attention I was receiving was mostly unwelcome. So I devised this sort of cloaking device that, sadly, works only too well—I am almost completely invisible! Good luck to us all—Cheers! Welcome to a new era in your life!

Excited to be part of it with you. I would love to be one of those women to get the guy I want…….. And, if it leads to nothing then I know exactly what I have to do to create more of the same. Woohoo, yet another woman out there killing it! What an amazing mindset you have.

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Soon you guys are going to be running these courses without me haha xx. After coming out of very bumpy relationship to say the least I cant wait to get back out there and just talk to more guys and have fun with it. Matthew your videos and newsletters always give me a little boost after reading them so i cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve this year! Still confused becacuse I have a lots of books that advised you the play hard to get, even grandmothers! It can be simpler than you think. Thanks for watching Ximena! Loved the video, very excited to see the offer!

I live in the U. Happy new year to you Ashleigh! Will let you know asap! I read the article and saw your video: She truly now became in a new different person! For me I what to be in one of those 1, but the thing is i live in a different country in the other side of the world, so, maybe next time.

this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story
this was not meant to be a dating story This was not meant to be a dating story

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