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Dolly Parton's heir apparent shows her knack for both wordplay and clearheaded realism in this mournful yet hopeful gem. Ballake Sissoko , " Maimouna ".

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The Malian kora player takes up a simply stated, brief melody as the basic thread with which to weave delicate, spellbinding magic. Beck , " Gimme ". Beck's third and final single of the year was his most curious and arresting — a wobbly oddball of a song with heavily processed vocals and xylophone beats.

Billband , " Sparkle ". The Blow , " Make It Up ". Aided by an irrepressible synth bounce, the fascinating Khaela Maricich reminds us there's no right way to be in love — and that that is both the most exciting and terrifying thing about it. Boards of Canada , " Cold Earth ". Forlorn synth pads set a chilly mood for this drifting number, and bruising drums shape it.

Like so many of Boards of Canada's best songs, the vibe evaporates almost as soon as it's set, leaving listeners pining for more of that fleeting beauty.

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  • 34 Songs That We Loved In 2013.

Bonobo , " Cirrus ". Bells on bells on bells that unfold over a resonant sub-bass and kaleidoscopic percussion, "Cirrus" is a treasure box of jangles. Bosnian Rainbows , " Torn Maps ".

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Who says guitar-based rock is dead? Well, a lot of people. Bunji Garlin , " Differentology ". Yes, this Carnival breakdown celebrates going to "24 parties in a row," but its complex construction and electronic elements prove that Garlin is serious about taking soca forward. Caitlin Rose , " Only a Clown ". With its gently psychedelic guitar lines and bubbly harmonies, this thrift-store dress of a song shows how music revives both people and parties, with a melancholy twist that's like the moment the needle hits the end of the grooves.

NPR Music's 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013

America's racist past is rendered by a breakout voice so intuitively flexible, you think "exquisite" before "gallows humor" and "re-appropriation. Chelsea Wolfe , " The Warden ". Christian Gerhaher , Mahler: Few composers have conveyed the extremes of power and intimacy as convincingly as Gustav Mahler. Baritone Christian Gerhaher sings this song about solitude lightly, like an angel whispering a necessary message of cosmic solace.

Lay back in the cut for the first two-thirds, with Branford Marsalis' serenade. Then, experience the grand unification theory of jazz and Afro-Cuban drums. Chvrches , " Recover ". Chvrches had a huge , crafting one of the year's best-loved debuts on the strength of ludicrously catchy synth-pop anthems like "Recover. Ciara , " Body Party ". An elegant, hypnotic reading of a landmark modernist solo piece composed for a platinum flute, from a player — and MacArthur Fellow — best known for her sterling work as head of the International Contemporary Ensemble.

Courtney Barnett , " Avant Gardener ". Laconic, funny and charming, the Melbourne singer's breakthrough jam tells a tale of anaphylactic shock. Along the way, she takes us on a hypnotically engrossing journey.

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Daft Punk , " Get Lucky ". Tough competition this year, but this was the best in-the-car singalong for the whole family. Plus, also, too — Pharrell. Daniel Wohl , " Corpus ".

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  7. Aided by Julia Holter's vaporous vocalise, "Corpus" floats in crepuscular world where electronic and acoustic instruments dwell in fearless equilibrium. Danny Brown , " Dip ". Detroit's wild boy samples Freak Nasty's "Da Dip" and takes drugged-out partying to heights that would befuddle your wildest frat boy. Daughter , " Youth ". The words to "Youth" could pass for mere miserablism, but the London band injects them all with haunting grace — aided by a propulsive arrangement that hits like a punch to the solar plexus.

    Like a zen koan or a late-period William Butler Yeats poem, this slow walk on Berlin streets confronts death with the peaceful fatalism of one who fully grasps impermanence. AlunaGeorge , " White Noise ". Sparks fly in this pugnaciously catchy collaboration between two of British dance music's hookiest purveyors.

    The lend-your-own-meaning ambiguity deliberate, surely of its titular plea assures that you'll hear this at closing time for years — to say nothing of the down-tempo soft-focus haze. Earl Sweatshirt , " Chum ". So personal you feel bad for eavesdropping, it's the song of somebody displaced and unmoored — leaning on a short loop, an underground rattle and a patient tone.

    Londoner FKA Twigs dropped this woozy-and-weird track in late summer, mixing robotic vocals with surreal ambient tones and glitchy beats for one of the year's most transfixing electro-pop songs. Foxygen , " San Francisco ". Foxygen's sweetly funny debut generated a bunch of wryly wonderful '60s-style throwbacks. The band specializes in knottily playful anthems, but this one explodes with poignancy that only adds to its shout-along power.

    F-- Buttons , " The Red Wing ". The most potent male voice in mainstream country shares an existential tale of how brokenheartedness leads to binge behavior. The fingerstyle guitarist puts his main instrument aside for a simple 5-string banjo melody that turns around in your mind. Grey Reverend , " My Hands ". As Grey Reverend, L. Brown magnifies tiny moments, drawing out their unspoken drama.

    It's one thing to tell someone you like them; it's another to say, "No one likes you quite the way I do. The resourceful violinist solicited new encores from 26 composers. Holly Williams , " Giving Up ". Most hard-living honky-tonk characters have been men, but this song captures the pain of addiction from a woman's perspective: Torch singer, ballad belter, mariachi cantadora: Irene Diaz has one of those voices that touches the pathos we all carry in us. Miguel , " Power Trip ". Miguel's bittersweet croon sands down the rough edges of J.

    Cole's tour through his bruised memories and stalker fantasies. Jagwar Ma , " Uncertainty ". Her voice is as clear and colorful as a glass prism. And she has a knack for enlivening country music with what has been lacking for nearly a generation: The biggest surprise of any record this year. This is the music of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music re-imagined as if it came from a s hot jazz band, and it works so well. It's entirely instrumental, so you don't hear Ferry's amazing croon, but, truth be told, this band of seasoned British old-timey players are so good, I don't miss his voice.

    The recording, in mono, feels cozy and evokes old recordings but with clarity and spark.

    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    best songs to hook up to 2013 Best songs to hook up to 2013
    Best songs to hook up to 2013

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