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Comment Name Email Website. More in Fashion Read More. Tracey December 8, Officially Kmusic September 11, Tracey May 24, Officially Kmusic May 22, Kat March 26, Gigi March 21, Gigi March 20, That was when we were at the very maximum of being cute. People who were on the show then, told us agencies would definitely contact us.

And YG contacted us. But because I wanted to be a dancer more than a singer, I went in first. Dony went for more auditions before joining in the midst of the year.

It is possible to have the same hobby but rare to have the same job. We are amused too. I joined in February to be exact, and Dony joined in May. When I first joined the team, I told the hyungs in the team that I had a twin brother and I asked if I could bring my brother. After a while, Dony joined the team in May. I feel that I got this chance thanks to Deukie hyung. There are a lot of hyungs after him, and there are those who retired as well. These are our key dancers. We watched them on TV and under before joining in, and they were really the best.

Now we are practicing our best to not ruin the reputation as well.

kwon young deuk

Comparing then and now, we can enjoy the concert now, but we were the youngest then, so we were extremely nervous. I can still remember how my heart was thumping really fast. We were the youngest, and were only dancing for less than a year. I think I can enjoy the stage now.

When we are planning the choreography, the hyungs would respect our ideas as well. We did what we were told then, now our suggestions would be included as well. I think it got interesting more than anything. Truthfully we get exhausted from having tight schedules but at least we get to enjoy the stages so we get satisfaction from it.

So we get pride from working together with these musicians. We have something we fear the most to hear. We listen to the songs a lot before it gets released. To exaggerate, about times? We have to grab the concept so we have to listen to it a lot. While choreographing, I am sure there would be a lot of changes in between.

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What is the song that you worked hard on planning? At that time, the choreography had to be good. Because of that, we changed for 4 months. It was tiring for us too. I do think of this often, I think our boss is really incredible. He would come down and see everything for himself. It is really amazing. I was really very surprised.

After the first broadcast, I was just thinking about working hard as a dancer, but over time, people got interested. And during that time, KPOP was a huge sensation, and we realised we had international fans when we perform overseas. We are very thankful.

Kwon Twins and CL

How did you feel about acting officially? I was really nervous then. Laughs I had an acting experience during high school as a group but acting for a broadcast was the first time.

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So whenever we start filming, even if I move slightly, there was a huge difference. I am more interested in the entertainment side compared to Deukie hyung so I did self-study for it before. I tried practicing by myself while watching TV too. I wanted to show a better image of myself so I worked hard to prepare for it but if I were to look at it now, there are still a lot of parts that I am unsatisfied with. But we were able to see a few moments of your acting skills in music videos.


To be honest I am really confident for those acts. I did a lot of those. Laughs Same for all the dancers in YG, their basic acting skills are good. It is because we really have to act like the singers when shooting the plots.

Netizens think attractive twin backdancers from YG should debut as celebs | allkpop

Our job includes being on camera, so I think that is why we do it with more emotions. As a dancer, which member would you pick for the best dance skills? Bobby and Jin Hwan have good sense too. We practiced together in the past. They follow well too. I would like to do a tour if we get the chance to.

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