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10. Use the Right Speaker Cables

But all of your friends are buying smart speakers they can talk to, or at least stream music to, and you want to get in on the wireless revolution. We're here to help. There are plenty of ways to introduce wireless connectivity to your current setup, most of which are relatively inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

This is the easiest solution if you have just one speaker you want to turn wireless a short daisy-chain of cables will let you run a stereo pair.

WHOLE HOME AUDIO: Monoprice Whole Home Audio Amp! 6 Zone 6 Source

Google Chromecast Audio is, like the name says, an audio version of Google's Chromecast media streamer. It streams stereo sound over Wi-Fi using the Google Cast platform, letting you play music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Google Chromecast Audio

It outputs through a combination 3. If you want to hook it up through an optical connection, you need to get a 3. If you want to hook it up to a stereo pair of speakers, you need to get a 3. If your speakers have RCA ports, that's all you need to do. If they only have 3.

This means you can use several in different rooms and control multiple speakers around the house individually or all at once. If you want to control your speakers with your voice, the Amazon Echo Dot is the way to go. This puck-shaped device is itself a small speaker, but more importantly, it's a Wi-Fi-connected microphone array that lets you use Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. And it has a 3.

How to Connect a Stereo System

Like the Chromecast Audio, you can plug the Echo Dot into your powered speaker, or powered speaker pair with some adapters. With Alexa listening to your commands, this means you can ask for any music available through Amazon or other Alexa-supported streaming services and it will start playing through your speakers. The Echo Dot also serves as a Bluetooth receiver, so you can stream music to your speakers from your phone. It isn't quite as well-suited for multi-room speaker systems as the Chromecast Audio, though; you can assign different Echo Dots to different rooms and play music through voice commands, but just streaming from your phone will be point-to-point with Bluetooth.

Amazon Echo Dot

Of course, these solutions will only work directly with powered speakers; if you want to use unpowered speakers you'll need to set up an amp or use a receiver, and if that's the case you might want to cut out the Chromecast Audio or Echo Dot completely and look at You connect its RCA output to one of the inputs on your stereo receiver or to your powered speakers , pair it with your mobile device, and you're set. The advantage of a box like the Audioengine B1 is a high-quality Bluetooth stream aided by excellent bit upsampling digital-to-analog conversion DAC. Some Bluetooth adapters like the Klipsch PowerGate feature more controls and connection options than the Audioengine B1.

Like the B1, the Klipsch PowerGate streams audio to your speakers, but it also includes an internal amplifier—essentially eliminating the need for an integrated stereo receiver with its 2xW amp and bit DAC. The front face has a volume knob and a headphone jack; think of it less as a selectable source for your stereo receiver like the Audioengine B1 and more like a replacement for the receiver.

The PowerGate utilizes both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing it to function as a multi-room hub for your house using the Klipsch Stream app , and it even has a phono preamp built in for when streaming isn't the priority. For pure Wi-Fi multi-room speaker systems, Sonos basically invented the game.

The company doesn't just make wireless speakers, either; the Sonos Connect: Amp does essentially the same thing as the other boxes we've mentioned. You can get a great deal on a used surround sound preamplifier and play it in stereo mode. People are always trying to get rid of video equipment because video technology updates nearly every year. New HDMI connections and surround sound formats can make a ten year old surround sound pre-amp obsolete compared to something new.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us! Can I just strip the RCA end and connect the bare wire into the receiver?

If not, what is the best way for me to connect it? I have a 2 channel receiver and CD player. However everyone is telling me that I need a DAC. I understand that the chip in my sound card may be lousy and all of the other reasons I have read about on countless forums and in countless articles. But is it absolutely necessary? I do not need a headphone amplifier, or a volume controller.

I am woefully ignorant, as you have no doubt gathered, and do not know if I truly need one or, if in fact I do, which one is the right one for my particular set up. Yes, you can use a minijack to RCA cable to play music from your Macbook to your receiver. This sounds great for most listening purposes. If so, your receiver has a DAC built into it. If you want, try it out and see how it sounds. I picked up the following JVC package at an estate sale….

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  • 9. Don’t Overbuy on Your Interconnects.

Not sure if it has one to be honest. Anyway, the components are: I have a box of wires to boot.

My questions are pretty basic. Thanks for any tips or help in advance.

What do you need to set up a stereo system?

It sounds like you found a really good stereo system. In some cases, this cable is already attached to the turntable, in other cases you have to plug it in yourself. This is what it looks like —. You will need an RCA cable with a ground cable attached that looks like this:. The reason you need a phono preamplifier or phono input on a receiver is because the type of signal that comes out of the turntable needs extra amplification compared to any other piece of equipment like a CD player, tuner, tape player, etc.

Without it, you will barely be able to hear your turntable. Depending on the model of TV and receiver you have, there are a number of ways you can do this.


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Any knowledge on this hook up? I am hooking up Kljpsch 7. You can use just 2 conductors — for example, use the red and black wires for your speakers and leave out the green and white wires. You can use all 4 conductors — like you said, you can twist together 2 conductors each for the positive and negative connections. I like option 2 the best because you get to use all 4 conductors in the speaker wire.

Hi i have my kenwood krvd home theater soround sound and kenwood eualizer ke preamp kcand power amplifier all are kenwood im trying to hook up all the units but it doesnt work. Hello, have almost the same set up….. I am thinking about buying a full on cassette deck with an amplifier. Can I use the deck also as an amplifier connected to my television? Thank you so much for the very clear instructions. You have the patience of a saint. Hi Nick, First, thanks for all the help and comments to all the people here.

How to Connect a Stereo System | Stereo Barn

I recently received a system I am having trouble understanding how to connect. I am looking at a Quad 33 preamp, and two quad s poweramps. The quad 33 has apparently a special cable that splits the single output from the preamp to the two amps this I understood thanks to the glorious internet , and this is clear. Now after this, I need to connect each amp to 1 speaker, which is where I run into trouble. Should I simply attach both positive outputs from both channels of the amp, into the 1 positive input of the speaker?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the non-professional mumbo-jumbo! Hi Nick, I am replacing my speakers. Keeping my Polk Monitor 10Bs. Also, have old Monster Z series cables.

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