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She will come back to you when she is ready and not before that. One of the challenges about dating a Cancer woman is figuring out what she really wants. Because of her own deeply emotional nature, she will expect you, as her lover, to be in tune with her secret wishes and desires. However in absence of any kind of verbal cue, it would be more or less safe to take a Cancer girl to any place that has to do with good food and drink.

So for your next date, check out the new restaurant that claims to serve homely Southern food and then when her eyes light up at the place, tell her that you just knew that something like this would make her happy. A Cancer woman likes emotional security in relationships and often sees marriage as the natural culmination of a romantic relationship.

So if you are not ready to settle down in the immediate future, maybe you should not get serious about your Cancer girlfriend. Again her need to feel assured in love can also give way to fits of jealousy during which she will build a wall around her, give in to brooding or go into a self-pity mode. Overall Cancerians are some of the most agreeable people to be with and a woman of this zodiac is usually more compatible than others. Just be sure to infuse lots of romance into your relationship and be sensitive to her feelings and needs.

In return your girlfriend will delight you with a sweet and caring companionship. And if you are the type of guy who likes his woman to be feminine and homely, you need not look any further than your Cancer woman.

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But there are a couple of tips to make it easier to cope with her. Cancers have a rich, romance-oriented inner world. The perfect date for them is an evening in a quiet, cozy restaurant, an intimate conversation, and gentle touches. How to attract a Cancer woman? A little bit of wine will help her feel more liberated and crawl out of her shell. Nevertheless, this lady can be strict, despotic, and always knows what is right. Add the talent for creating a cozy microclimate in the relationship, and make a conclusion: Do you love strong-willed women?

If the answer is positive, this option is for you. Cancers intuitively feel deceit and insincerity. Besides, a Cancer woman in love is a bit paranoid, so your girlfriend may create a problem out of nothing. Better discuss everything at once, or the situation may get worse. Ask her out to a theater or concert. Cancers are sensitive to romantic music. If you dine together, try to keep the background music quiet.

Dating a Cancer Woman: a Comprehensive Guide

They love water sports, so take your companion to a beach for a day. How to know if a Cancer woman likes you? If she comes on a date in a new dress, let her know that you noticed it. But be careful with her hypersensitivity. Allow your Cancer companion to show her strong suit — care. Let her come to you with fruits, flowers, and a new book to read it to you or just sit by your side and hold your hand.

CANCER WOMAN: Understanding Cancer Women !!! (Astrology)

If you really want to know how to tell if a Cancer woman likes you, you need to watch her reaction in bed. You need to provide support until her erotic imagination is freed from this fear. You must show her that she can safely follow her desires, and everything she does brings you pleasure. The sensitive nature of a Cancer woman in sex is greatly influenced by her partner's attitude. But it's also easy to scare her off with a rude word or gesture.

The shell of her self-confidence is very fragile.

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Light touches, mysterious looks, and candlelight — Cancers love it. They perceive the world through the prism of emotions, and when their heart is filled with love, the surrounding world looks much brighter and happier.

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